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Ebenezer Christian Reformed Church

Worship Planning Schedule
Please note: this tentative schedule is updated every Friday afternoon, and as the office is made aware of schedule changes.

Tentative Worship Planning Schedule several weeks from current date:
Date   Event Sermon Scripture Pastor Musician Sound Proj Announce Usher Elder Deacon
15-Dec am 3rd Sunday of Advent, candle of peace Unsure Matthew 1:18-25 Adam Veenstra Kayla   Cameron   Willy Chris Judy
  am Lord's Supper               Gerald B Tom Arlene
  pm PM Sweater Service                    
22-Dec am 4th Sunday of Advent; candle of joy Together Luke 2:8-15 Adam Veenstra Gary/Martha   Ben   Dale Jason Ray
                    Jennifer John Ben
25-Dec am Christmas Day     Adam Veenstra Gary   Chris   Harry Jason Ray
                    Luke John Ben
29-Dec am   In Anguish Matthew 2:13-18 Adam Veenstra Gary   Bill   Liz Gerald Will
                    Marilyn  Dale Justin
1-Jan am New Year's     Adam Veenstra Gary   Tyler Andre Jess Gerald  Will
                    Jon Dale Justin
5-Jan am Epiphany The Gifts We Bring   Adam Veenstra Toni   Gerald Ann Willy Virginia Gary
                    Gerald Sam Chris
12-Jan am       Ken Van Schelven Gary   Cameron Ben Nelly Dick Judy
                    Matt Jon Arlene
19-Jan am       Adam Veenstra Kayla   Ben Phil Ben Chris Ray
                    Linda Tom Ben
26-Jan am       Adam Veenstra Gary/Martha   Chris Art Gerald D Jason Will
                    John John Justin

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